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Type the English you wish to search for in the text box below and click the Search button or press ENTER.

Click on the steno from the results to view a table of possible conflicts for that particular outline. The currently selected row will be highlighted.

You may also click on the English from the possible conflicts to do a search for briefs for same.

Click on the Add button to add your own entries to our list.


What can one do with Easy Edge?

Search/browse through thousands of briefs/phrases without being on the Internet.

Do all of the following without being on the Internet.

Learn thousands of common phrases written in one stroke.

Learn thousands of words you can write WITHOUT using a single vowel.

Learn to combine multiple outlines into one stroke.

Learn how to distinguish question paragraphs without stroking STKPWHR.

Learn how to distinguish answer paragraphs without stroking FRPBLGTS.

Learn to define the * as the last stroke in an outline to resolve thousands of conflicts -- without having to think. If you think, you stink.

Learn how to define strokes in context to correct flawed outlines.

Learn how to resolve conflicts easily by defining outlines in context.

Learn how to incorporate punctuation or capitalize words or phrases by defining outlines in context.

Increase skill/speed by listening to and writing any of the thousands of lessons that reside on your computer.

Listen to dictation at whatever speed you choose.

Learn to use the indvidual keys for *, -F, -R, -P, -L, G, -T, -S, D, and Z as "wild cards".

Some examples:

-T/L/-T "the last time"

-T/-S/-T "the same time"

-T/-PB/-T "the next time"

-T/F/-T "the first time"

-T/-R/-T "the right time"

-T/B/-T "the best time"

-T/-P/-T "the perfect time"

-T/D/-T "the daytime"

-T/L/G "the last thing"

-T/L/-S "the last sentence"

-T/L/-P "the last paragraph"

-T/-PB/-P "the next paragraph"

T/-PB/G "the next thing"

-T/O/G "the only thing"

-T/-R/G "the right thing"

-T/B/G "the best thing"

-T/-P/G "the practical thing"

-T/-T "the time"

-T/F "the fact"

-T/D "the day"

and much, much more.